That Was Ugly. VT 68-GW 36

If you saw the game, I'm sorry. It was broadcast on (I think) national cable, and it was a painful experience. It's what happens when a veteran team (which is coincidentally the same initials as Virginia Tech) plays an inexperienced team like GW. And this game, GW apparently thought they were the second coming of Butler times Grinnell, meaning threes rained from the sky at all times, resulting in 6/25 from three and shot 25.9% total, for the game. Those are UMES numbers.

GW shot the three way too early in possessions (leading to Miles Beatty getting benched at one point) and was very bad in transition, leading to lots of east Va Tech baskets. In addition, GW was outrebounded, had 4 assists versus 18 turnovers, took two foul shots total, etc etc. The 36 points were the fewest scored under Hobbs. GW had 14 at the half.

Cheyenne Moore scored 13 off the bench to lead GW, but made a couple boneheaded plays - trying to block from behind, etc. However, he was the best player on the court for GW. Miles Beatty made some freshman mistakes, but nothing too terrible, and the big three, if you want to call it that, of Maureece Rice, Rob Diggs, and Wynton Witherspoon combined for 15 points - Diggs had zero on 0/6 shooting.

Hobbs said "I know that there has to be some changes. There were some performances that just aren't acceptable, so with that being said, there needs to be some changes."


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H.S. Slam, Ph.D said…
My, was that ugly. That was about as bad as basketball gets at this level.