"No stopping the green freight train"

On the post about the Binghamton loss, there was a pretty amusing and grammatically challenged comment from a Binghamton fan. Aside from being funny, it raises an interesting point. Here it is:
I was at this game. GW lost because they got out hustled. Binghamton came out slugging with something to prove and didn't let up from tip off till champaign celebration. GW on the other hand acted like a bunch of IV league chumps sipping on martini's while discussing the NASDAQ. It wasn't until late second half that they actually woke up from the hang over to put their uniforms on. But by then there no stopping the green freight train. Lights out GW, come back anytime.

I'm glad he thinks GW is in the "IV league," but the lack of hustle is an issue. While supposedly Mo Rice had the flu, and the rest of the team could have had it, it's still worrisome - this team has some issues, so hustling is a must. I'm not sure if it's a lack of leadership or coaching or what, but it shouldn't be happening, in my opinion. Anyone else care to comment?


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