Alabama 93 - GW 57

I can't say I'm surprised. Alabama was a much better team and GW got their asses handed to them. As I noted in the preview, if GW could contain big big man Richard Hendrix, it could be close, but that was a big if. GW didn't, and was creamed. I didn't listen to the game on the radio, but apparently GW was beaten in all facets - rebounding, shooting, even hustle. It's a rebuilding year, and maybe I just always want to look on the bright side, but there are a few spots. No, really. Here they are

1. Rice played. Thus he's not off the team.
2. Only 11 turnovers. That's good. Only 7 assists, but still.
3. Good games from Rob Diggs and Wynton Witherspoon.

There's a lot of negatives, of course. Mo Rice was 3/12 and Cheyenne Moore was 3/13. Moore is shooting about 25% on the year. GW was outrebounded by twenty. Only 7 bench points. And on and on. It was also curious that Joseph Katuka didn't get much time, as some GWhoopsters said he was good. They also said GW didn't hustle back and such. That's bad, but seems to be a common theme.

Just keep reminding yourselves, it's rebuilding year. It's a rebuilding year.

GW starts A-10 play Jan. 10 against Saint Louis.