Soon After the UCLA Game Reactions

Well that stunk. GW played pretty well and hung in the first half, but the Colonials were blown apart in the second for a final score of 83-60. Mo Rice and Cheyenne Moore apparently didn't score in the second half at all, finishing with 11 and 9. Witherspoon and Alexander fouled out, and Hobbs seemed to give up, putting in walkons and stuff with about 5 or 6 minutes to go, maybe more. Which I didn't get - if you scheduled the game for experience, why not at least give folks like Beatty, Katuka, and Opoku a lot of time.

Statswise, GW shot 38% for the game after shooting 44% in the first half while UCLA shot about 50% for the game. The Colonials really seemed to settle for threes in the second, until a nonexistent Damian Hollis turned it on and drove and Miles Beatty started to drive too. Hollis has 7 of his 9 points and all 6 rebounds in the second half, so I'm glad he turned it on for the second. Too little too late though.

Cheyenne Moore played really well in the first half, making nice passes, scoring well, and not being selfish or showboaty. He had 3 assists, which was the second most for GW. Second half, however, he disappeared. Witherspoon fouled out with about 12 minutes to go in the second, but had 4 assists, most on the team. GW only had 10 assists total, as usual.

UCLA shot poorly from outside, which is a good thing, because the score would have been very ugly if they hadn't. GW was outrebounded by 9, no surprise there, and the fouls were fairly even, 26 for GW and 22 for UCLA. Hollis had 6 boards, no other Colonial with more than three. I wish GW had Dokun Akingbade again.

Miles Beatty led GW with 12 points, but most of his playing time was late. Again though he seemed to take charge however. I really hope he gets more playing time in the future.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.