Live Blogging the GW-UCLA Game

I've decided to do the first Colonial Hoops live blog, since most folks probably aren't watching. Enjoy, hopefully:

10:42 pm - I'm so glad the Pepperdine-NAU game is in overtime. It's riveting. All 400 people at this arena are pleased, or something.

10:43 - End this game please. The TV announcer is a madman.

10:45 - I tried to emulate GW vs UCLA on Fox Sports College Hoops 99 for the N64 but I couldn't get it to work.

10:47 - This is ridiculous. Yahoo Sports says UCLA is up 10-2, but we couldn't know. FSC isn't showing any other scores.

10:49 - Game is over. Yahoo says Diggs and Hollis have two fouls! Crap!

10:50 - I am loving this Proactiv commercial. TELL ME MORE please, and not just 30 seconds.

10:52 - only 22 minutes late. FINALLY

10:53 - what's with the yellow Cs on UCLA's jerseys?

10:54 - Rob with a nice shot. I dont like Mata-Real's new name.

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10:55 - well there's Collison. Oh boy.

10:56 - Beatty is in, I'm glad. Willmore fighting for the ball. I like how Aboya has 2 fouls. And they're praising Beatty.

10:56 - Mata is killing GW inside

10:56 - They called a block and charge on the same play! What!?

10:58 - Cheyenne with a three point shot. Please keep it up

10:59 - 11 something minutes, commercial break, GW not down too much. Not bad. I like this talking fox.

11:01 - They're talking about GW and showing famous alums. Courtney Cox??

11:02 - Max tells me she went to Mount Vernon College back before it was part of GW but she transferred. Interesting stuff.

11:03 - Max: "I like the extra pass. I like that Collison doesn't know how to walk"

11:04 - Max again: "Kevin Love is playing volleyball with himself"

11:04 - Mo Rice three, good transition D

11:04 - Oh! Chey Moore 2 3s!

11:05 - Max says it's more likely that GW wins than somebody wins the lottery, and people win the lottery all the time.

11:06 - Mo Rice more threes! Got to stop the inside offense.

11:06 - Opoku with a sweet jam after a nice no look Moore dish.

11:08 - zit medicine and thinning hair clinics, is that who we are watching this game?

11:09 - Max: "If we can pull a UMBC on them"

11:11 - So many easy inside baskets inside for UCLA. Witherspoon with a bad three and a foul in transition.

11:12 - On Xavier Alexander. Max likes him, I feel like I don't have an impression on him yet. He plays quietly, but it adds up.

11:14 - 28 - 22 UCLA is up. My roommate: "Wow! Wow. I was expecting it to be a football score."

11:14 - UCLA has hot cheerleaders. Terrible air balled free throw by Xavier. He's hearing the airball chants.

11:16 - 3 fouls for Witherspoon, that's not good. Announcer says he's from "Vaa Tech"

11:17 - I want to see Mo Rice shoot more.

11:18 - poor shot selection by GW leads to easy baskets.

11:19 - Max likes how Cheyenne is playing. He is definitely hustling, and just flew into the crowd trying to steal one.

11:19 - My roommate: "Look at the fisherman back there," an old guy with a beanie and plaid shirt.

11:20 - finally a defensive rebound. UCLA dominating inside.

11:21 - GW down 12, 3:26 to go. Not bad. UCLA is missing a lot of threes thankfully.

11:22 - Just went back and confirmed, the announcer said something like "don't be like Courtney Cox, stay in school!" after a UCLA basket. Weird.

11:24 - My roommate: "the only problem with big white guys is that they disappear in games."

11:25 - Many fouls on UCLA.

11:25 - Willmore stuffs Mata, but Shipp hits a three. Doh.

11:26 - Max says Beatty has a slow and low release. Interesting.

11:26 - UCLA starting to hit threes. Underhand layup by Beatty not a good idea.

11:27 - If this was a video game I'd turn down the crowd volume and turn up the announcer volume.

11:28 - Good rebounds, nice pass by Cheyenne.

11:29 - Cheyenne nice three. Max: best half of Cheyenne's career!

11:30 - announcers giving props to GW - "not fazed" or something to that effect.

11:31 - Max correctly predicts that GW turns it over before the half. Halftime. The cheerleaders look cute but not particularly smart. I am mean.

11:33 - All in all, not bad. GW down 9, playing decently. At breakneck speed but it's working fairly well. Cheyenne has 9 and Mo Rice has 11 points. Somebody named Russell Westbrook has 13, he was Collison's starter when he was out. Collison has 8. GW shooting .440 and UCLA is shooting .500.

11:39 - Rodney Peete is a football analyst on this station.

11:43 - The announcer is named Don MacLean. A long, long time ago/when I could still remember/how the music used to make me smile.

11:48 - just showed Jordan Farmar, he looks like a doofus with the sideways hat.

11:49 - My friend texted me and saying McFaddens is closing for the night. That sucks for people watching there. Come to my place.

11:52 - They should show GW-UMass highlights from 94, why not

11:52 - The refs are calling it really tight on both sides. I fee like GW is settling for threes too often.

11:55 - Nice move by Diggs on Mata for the basket.

11:55 - Witherspoon 4th foul with 17 minutes to go. Not good.

11:57 - Diggs had a couple good moves and couldn't finish. Quick fast break by UCLA and it's time out time.

11:58 - Another wide open three by UCLA. What is this, the UMBC game?

11:59 - Official time out. 17 point UCLA lead. That was fast.

12:02 - Collison runs the court quickly and scores. Outside shots by GW clanging. Good D by GW, fast break, crummy alley-oop attempt by Moore and Diggs.

12:03 - GW denying the ball to Love pretty well.

12:04 - Witherspoon fouled out and pretended to sit down, messing up the UCLA fans' sit down chant. That was funny at least.

12:06 - I'm starting to not like these refs. They're not going GW's way here.

12:07 - 21 point deficit. Max makes the point that Hollis has been silent.

12:07 - Big jam by Westbrook. GW getting hammered, so damn flat. Quit shooting the threes GW.

12:08 - GW settling for threes. Max says GW isn't beating the first guy like Moore was doing in the first half, and Rice and Moore are quiet this half.

12:10 - Collison has 14 points in 18 minutes. GW has scored 4 in this half. GW can not hit threes whatsoever this half.

12:11 - Glad to see Katuka in. Nice inside points by him. Announcer says GW won a recruiting battle for Katuka, and that he can bulk up at GW. No, not at GW.

12:13 - Johnny Lee is in, getting a rebound off yet another three. Hobbs giving up?

12:14 - Damian Hollis drives and scores after faking a three. More of that please.

12:15 - Late whistle there by the refs. Career high for Westbrook, just like a couple seasons ago when some random guy would have a career night every time against GW.

12:16 - Hollis seems to be wanting it more, playing somewhat better.

12:18 - Dominic Green is in with 8 minutes left. Hobbs really gave up?

12:18 - More easy baskets by UCLA. Lee and Green are in. GW has played terribly this half.

12:19 - Max is speculating about time outs, Hobbs hasn't called many if any. Maybe Hobbs is letting them play for maturity, to see if somebody steps up, or my theory, maybe he wants them to fend for themselves.

12:20 - Sloppy play by GW, another turnover. Even Johnny Lee is laying lackadaisically.

12:21 - Collison's mom was a sprinter, that makes sense, he's very fast.

12:21 - LaPlante is in too. I guess it's good these guys can play against the #1 team, but it also stinks.

12:23 - If UCLA is actually hitting their open threes they'd be destroying GW.

12:25 - Peter LaPlante scores inside. Huh. UCLA still has everybody is. Max: "Is Ben Howland stupid?" Why are starters still in? They're up by almost 30.

12:26 - UCLA finally putting in the random dudes. GW has Hollis, Beatty, Lee, LaPlante, and Green in.

12:27 - GW outscored 15-33 so far this half.

12:32 - We're talking about the walk-ons going in. Why? Is it to protect from injuries? But don't the starters need this experience? Why schedule if you're going to put in all the walkons so early? Why not Opoku and Moore and Katuka?

12:33 - Offensive foul by Lee. Hobbs is laughing on the sideline.

12:34 - Beatty playing tougher. Scoring and driving.

12:38 - Well that sucked. GW got out of the 50s, which is good. Doesn't look as terrible.


Robert said…
The yellow "C"s on the UCLA jerseys represent their 100 NCAA Championships in all sports (first school to that mark), C being the roman numeral for 100 and all... they are really garish looking.
Andrew W said…
Interesting, thanks. And agreed on the garishness.
Robert said…
I'd link to you on the Baysox blog, but that isn't kept up in the slightest (it died with about a month left if the slightest). You can go ahead and take the link off of here too, if you want. Sorry about that...

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