Dokun signs with ABA team

I missed this earlier, but Dokun Akingbade signed with the Vermont Frost Heaves of the ABA. Great for him! And something I didn't know, he also played for the Long Island Pride of the USBL and "earned a look" from AD Vagos in Portugal.

The Frost Heaves (actual slogan: "we're gonna be the bump in their road") play in the towns of Burlington and Barre, Vermont. Maybe Dokun could hang out with Phish.

TJ Thompson formerly starred for the Albany Patroons of the ABA CBA, where he was the league's leading scorer. (Last I heard, he's in France now).


Anonymous said…
Albany Patroons are in the CBA just to give you a heads up, and are a well known American Minor league team. Frost Heaves were ABA champs last year (but that's not saying much). So congrats! hopefully he can move on to bigger and better things after the Frost Heaves!
Andrew W said…
you're right, thanks. cba not aba.